About Us

Besides individual appointments for massage therapy, we now offer a variety of offerings to inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition, organic, botanically-based skincare, massage and aromatherapy products are available for purchase in our Asian-inspired retail/gift shop, which is very reasonably priced. Packages including multiple services or multiple visits, corporate memberships, and on-site work are also available and may include favorable discounts. Please see our menu for services and packages.

Owner and Senior Staff

Sharmin Finn, Licensed Massage Therapist and Owner, Westlake Wellbeing -With over seventeen years experience in massage therapy, bodywork, and spa management, Sharmin offers un-rushed deep relaxation massage therapy and body treatments and manages the Westlake office. Westlake Wellbeing is also the provider for massage therapy services in the Wellness Center, Gregory Gym, for UT Recreational Sports and has performed in that capacity for over twelve years. Sharmin majored in Business Management at Texas State University, received her basic and advanced massage therapy training at The Lauterstein Conway School of Massage in Austin, Texas, and is a Texas Real Estate Broker.

Lori Dupree, Licensed Massage Therapist -Lori has over fourteen years of experience in massage therapy, is degreed in recreational administration, teaches at one our local massage schools, and is a competitive athlete. Her highly competent deep tissue massage is not for the squeamish, delivered with minimal lubricant, and to be appreciated for those who enjoy very deep work from a highly experienced deep tissue therapist. Lori will be a participant in the 2010 Paralympics Archery Games in the United Kingdom.